Agente SC is the definitive tool to manage the interoperability with other Public Administrations. IVNOSYS Solutions has created Agente SC to ensure the reductions of administrative burdens for citizens and companies, sparing the requests of more certificates for other Administrations.

Agente SC offers the consulting and data verification service that already exist in the other public administrations, both of citizens and caompanies, avoiding them to provide documents and certificates in their dealings with the public administration. With Agente SC, it will be the Administration the one that could recover that documents telematically, as required by the article 28 of Law 39/2015, not having to ask them to citizens or companies when they attend to carry out procedures.

Agente SC helps you to get:

  • Centralize the common electronic services offered by different Public Administrations; such as those for checking the citizen identity (ID), those that are up to date with payment with the Tax Agency or those of the Social Security, among others.
  • Less administrative burdens. To centralize the common electronic services offered by different Public Administrations, such as those for consulting the identity of a citizen, those bo te up to date withthe Tax Agency payment or those of the Social Security, among others.
  • Complete management of the relationship between entities and the General Direction of Traffic, highlighting the electronic notification publication services in the Electronic Road Address, in the Traffic Sanctions Edictal Board and in the communication of unpaid.
  • PLACSP complement, for the publibation in the Public Sector Contracting Platform of obligatory use for Local Entities since 2013. Agente SC also provides information to comply with the Transparency Law, listing contracts for the Local Entities’Accountability Platform and similar entities.

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Public entities which are already reducing the administrative loads to his citizens and companies thanks to Agent SC