In order to make easier and speed up the management and treatment of the documentation that is generated daily in companies, IVNOSYS Solutions relies on a technology that identifies and recognizes people: the biometric signature.

The biometric signature solution developed by IVNOSYS Solutions allows to verify the identity of people with precision and guaranteeing 100% the security in document management and validation.

The biometric signature takes into account some of the following parameters:

  • Contact position.
  • Speed of movement.
  • Pressure and inclination of the pen when signing.

Our main objective is to provide reliability, security and efficiency to all digital certificates, unifying and monitoring them.

The bet on the biometric signature is to gain in security and avoid the fraudulent use and exchange of paper documentation, taking into account a whole series of parameters that avoid plagiarism and counterfeiting.

The commitment of companies to digital transformation, makes biometric signature an indispensable option today. Making use of this is the equivalent of gaining in security and preventing the fraudulent use and paper-based document exchange, taking into account a whole series of biometric parameters that prevent plagiarism and forgery.

Therefore, to carry out a good document management, it’s important to opt for the biometric signature engine developed by Ivnosys Solutions, legally validated by prestigious law firms specialized in ICT law, as well as by the Spanish Association of Calligraphic Experts.