The objective of any company is to use the digital certificate in a secure way, either to carry out procedures with the Public Administration, customers or suppliers: signing contracts, buying and selling operations, etc.

The great challenge for companies is to implement tools that protect their electronic communications and allow them to work with peace of mind. Discover how to protect your digital certificates and work without being afraid for the security of your company.

Do we use digital certificates securely?

The use of the digital certificate is more than widespread in the business world, especially since the entry into force of Law 39/2015.  However, it is frequent to fall into mistakes that lead us to an inadequate use of digital certificates. Some examples are:

  • Assuming that a certificate is secure in itself. The fact of operating with a digital certificate does not mean that the operation made is protected from any cyber attack. The security of a digital certificate depends on its reliability. To do this, it must be issued by a Certification Authority and cryptographic hardware (HSM) must have been used.
  • Exposure of keys. A digital certificate has a private key and a public key (with which the user operates). The private key should not be accessible, since it guarantees the security of the certificate and prevents third parties from accessing to it. This key must be guarded by the issuing body.
  • Sharing digital certificates without control. It is common for employees to share and install certificates on their computers without any control. This is a dangerous practice, especially in larger companies that use numerous certificates.
  • Not revoking the certificates. In case we lose a certificate or we want to remove the access permission to an employee, for example, it is important to revoke the digital certificate. This way, we annul its validity and avoid that an undue use of the same one is made.

How companies protect digital certificates?

Previously we have mentioned to you some of the most important points to consider in order to protect the security of the digital certificate. Every precaution you take regarding the security of your company’s information is a minor one.

Each company has the responsability of using its digital certificates safely. Data security is not a game.

We recommend you to implement tools that will help you, not only to work in a safe and controlled way, but also to take the management of your company one step further in terms of digitization.

The significance of centralizing your certificate

In order to protect the digital identity of companies and avoid bad practices, the centralization of certificates allows to manage those certificates from a single platform. In addition, it avoids the risk of information theft and cyber attacks.

IvSign, a platform of issuance and centralization of certificates that manages and controls its use in real time. In addition, it is a cloud tool that collects an audit of use, so we know at all times who, when and for what uses the digital certificate.

    Don’t you have your certificates centralized yet? Try IvSign for free and work with your certificates from any place and from any device.


    The digital certificate allows companies to operate in the online environment in a secure and reliable way and to verify their identity. This certificate must be issued by a trusted entity.

    Therefore, it is essential to have a Certification Authority of full confidence, recognized by the largest number of Administrations, organizations and institutions. What is a Certification Authority?

    Functions of the Certification Authority

    The digital certificate is like our ID, which accredits us to the various public bodies when carrying out any transaction.

    When we show our ID, no one questions its validity, since it has the trust of the issuing body (the Interior Ministry). Likewise, we need to trust the authority that issues our digital certificates, appearing here the figure of the Certification Authority.

    A Certification Authority is responsible for issuing and revoking digital certificates used in electronic transactions and signatures by companies and individuals..

    A Certification Authority (CA) is a trusted entity responsible for issuing and revoking digital certificates used in electronic transactions and signatures. This trust is achieved thanks to the figure of the CA, which acts as an intervening party in the relationship between companies or businesses and individuals. Thus, when any transaction is carried out between two parties, the CA grants trust to the documents managed and signed as it is not an interested party.

    Thanks to the cryptographic key infrastructure that a CA has, the identity of the signatory as well as the content of the transactions performed is trusted and guaranteed. Examples of a Certification Authority are Camerfirma or the FNMT.

    What is a Certification Authority

    Some of the functions of the Certification Authority are: to provide services such as publishing certificates, lists of revoked certificates, checking the validity of certificates, etc. In addition, the CA records the exact date and time a document has been electronically signed, known as a time stamp.

    Who issues certificates?

    Nowadays, all companies work with digital certificates, especially after the entry into force of the Law 39/2015, which requires electronic communication with the Public Administration. Thus, companies need to issue digital certificates so that their employees can work electronically.

    To facilitate the issuance process, companies can have a Presential Verification Point (PVP). A PVP allows them to obtain the digital certificate immediately. The function of the PVP is to review and check the documentation presented by the certificate applicant that legitimizes him to obtain the certificate. Thanks to this, the time of certificate’s emission is reduced and the daily tasks like the electronic signature of documents, are more agile.

    There are two options: to have an external company that take care of these tasks, or to become a PVP. In the case of Ivnosys, we offer our clients both alternatives.

    You can work in an agile and comfortable way with IvSign, the certificate centralization platform and issue your certificates in the shortest time possible.

    Do you need more information? Contact our proffesionals team and they will resolve your doubts as soon as possible.

    Every day we work with digital certificates to communicate electronically with third parties (customers, suppliers, public administration, etc.). This communication includes the sending of documents, access to electronic sites, presentation of written documents, signing of contracts, etc. But, do we work with the appropriate security? Next, we tell you: What is the centralization of certificates? How it helps your company in its digitalization process?

    How to protect your digital certificates?

    The digital certificate is an element used massively in the work places that allows to work in the environment web accrediting our person or acting in the name of the company. However, without the adequate security measures, third parties can access to confidential information without our knowledge.

    The centralization of digital certificates means that all certificates are collected at a single point. In this way, we manage and control the use made by the different users of each digital certificate.

    Therefore, the objective of the centralization of certificates is to avoid the lack of control originated when multiple certificates are used in a company, running the risk of information theft and even identity theft.

    The centralization of certificates prevents the fraudulent use of our documentation and helps us to simplify our day-to-day work.

    In this way, the centralization of certificates allows us to host the digital certificates in the cloud. In addition, we can manage and sign documents securely, without the need to install external applications and without compromising our security.

    In addition, the bet of the companies for the digitization of processes makes necessary the use of the digital certificate, allowing us to work and communicate electronically with internal and external users of the company, even with the Public Administration.

    Advantages of centralising certificates

      It is important to have tools that protect the digital identity of our organization. In this way, thanks to platforms such as IvSign we can centralize the certificates in a secure and controlled way. Below, we detail you some of its advantages:

      • Issuance of certificates. Issue your certificates immediately with a Certification Authority.
      •  Qualification. Use qualified certificates with full security as they are guarded by Ivnosys as a Qualified Trust Service Provider.
      • Cloud centralization. Digital certificates are securely stored in the cloud.
      • HSM security. The private key of the certificates is stored in a secure remote device (HSM).
      • Flexibility. You can work at any time and from any device (PC, tablet, mobile).
      • Electronic signature. Use the electronic signature using your digital certificate in a fast and secure way.
      • Delegation. Give up the use of your digital certificate in a controlled and audited way, establishing filters and restrictions.
      • Audit. Know in real time who, when and where is accessing with each certificate.
      • Role assignment. Certificates centralization allows you to define the use of a certificate based on a user, time and date, source IP or URL, for example.

      Don’t you have your certificates centralized yet? Request your free IvSign demo and work in your company with total security.

      All companies have digital certificates since they are obliged by law to communicate with the Public Administration through electronic means. And, for this, the use of the digital certificate is required. Find out how to protect your company’s digital certificates from any cyber attack.

      The security of the digital certificates

      The use of certificates in companies is common. However, such massive use leads them to be scattered around employees’ equipment, with the security risks that this entails. For this reason, it is important to have tools that guarantee the digital security of the companies.

      Digitization must be accompanied by tools such as IvSign that guarantee the security of the companies’ digital identity.

      IvSign, herramienta de centralización y control de certificados digitales, pone fin al riesgo al que se enfrentan todas las compañías por el uso disperso y descontrolado de sus certificados digitales. Una plataforma que emite y centraliza los certificados en un único punto y controla, en tiempo real, el estado y uso que se hace de los mismos.

      IvSign, a tool for the centralization and control of the security of the digital certificates, puts an end to the risk faced by all companies due to the dispersed and uncontrolled use of their digital certificates. A platform that issues and centralizes the certificates in a single point and controls, in real time, the status and use that is made of them.

      IvSign: control your certificates

      Certificates can be issued and revoked directly from the platform itself. In addition, the tool has an alert system that warns us when a certificate is about to expire.

      IvSign allows us to work in the web environment protecting the data and transactions made in the companies.

      The platform shields the certificates and electronic signature thanks to the cloud centralization, guaranteeing that the certificates are not copied or reproduced, and allowing them to be used on any mobile device.

      The tool also includes an audit process. It details who, when and where accesses each digital certificate, having a complete traceability of use. Because in a big company there are many people who can have access to confidential information and who can operate with our digital certificates.

      This is a necessary application for any relationship between companies or with the Public Administration, where a digital certificate is required. The problem lies in how that certificate is actually used. Thus, with IvSign we know what has been done with our certificate at all times. That gives us the peace of mind that no one will use the certificate for us.

      To guarantee the security and as a quality seal of our solutions, Ivnosys is a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to eIDAS regulation and Certification Authority.

      Request your free IvSign demo and work with the peace of mind and security you need.


      Nowadays, the main objective of companies is to automate and secure their processes. In this way, either to carry out procedures with the Public Administration or other users via electronic means, there are alternatives. What is a digital certificate?

      What a digital certificate is for?

      A digital certificate is the only way, with full legal validity, to guarantee the identity of a user in the web environment. It is a digital document that identifies us in the online environment and allows us to perform any procedure via telematics.

      With the digital certificate we can carry out any operation through the website of public bodies, such as the Tax Office or the Social Security, for example. This electronic document allows us to modify our data, present taxes and even make the electronic signature.  Therefore, the digital certificate identifies us on the Internet, since it contains the identification data of each user and ensures our digital identity.

      Some of the documentation you will be able to obtain electronically is:

      • Working life report.
      • Specific certificates from different public bodies..
      • Retirement simulations..
      • Check taxes.
      • Review and manage electronic notifications.
      • Consult fines.

      And how can you get a digital certificate? Through any official certification authority, such as Camerfirma or the FNMT. Likewise, Ivnosys is a Certification Authority and has the power to issue digital certificates.

      A digital certificate assures our digital identity and allows us to carry out any administrative procedure via telematics.

      The digital certificate has multiple advantages. In addition to saving us a great deal of time and money, since we no longer have to carry out administrative procedures in person, it gives us more flexibility when working, carrying out these procedures at any time and in any place, without any obstacles.

      How to obtain the digital certificate?

      As mentioned, requesting a digital certificate today is very simple for any Spanish or foreign citizen, whether of legal age or an emancipated minor, who is in possession of a ID card.

      Ivnosys is a Certification Authority and, as such, we have the power to issue certificates. The advantage of obtaining your digital certificate with us is that you don’t need to move to the offices of any organization. So, either from your office or from your home, you will have your certificate quickly and without unnecessary waiting times.

      In addition, with Ivnosys you can keep your digital certificates in the cloud, in a centralized way, and without having to install external applications on your computer, saving problems and incompatibilities. An exclusive software that, besides centralizing the digital certificates, allows the delegation of the certificates to other users and with which you control at all times who and what has used the certificate.

      If you want to have full control of your certificates and work with the peace of mind you need, Ivnosys is your trusted provider.

      Request here your free demo of IvSign, certificate centralization platform.


      Are you a freelancer? This is of your interest. As a result of the entry into force of Order ESS/214/2018 of 1st March, all freelancers will be obliged, as of 1st October, to adhere to the Social Security RED system.

      Thus, if you are self-employed, there are few days left to register in this system. The RED system is a service offered by the Social Security Fund, both to companies and professionals, to exchange information and documentation electronically. In this way, you avoid having to carry out procedures in person and, as a result, you save lot of time.

      Freelancers are obliged to be registered in the RED System

      The publication of the Order ESS/214/2018 has aroused concern in all freelancers in Spain. And it’s that, all that freelancer that the 1st of October is not given of discharge in the RED System, will be sanctioned.

      This is one of the many public measures that are being adopted with the aim of promoting the management of administrative procedures in a telematic way, given that there are many advantages that this entails: reduction of time, costs, agility of processes…

      From 1st October, all freelancers will be obliged by law to join the Social Security RED System, following the entry intro force of the Order ESS/214/2018.

      Therefore, the entry into force of the Order ESS/214/2018, obligues all freelancers to manage all procedures from electronic headquarters. And, being freelancer, how does it affect you? You must have a digital certificate to be able to carry out all these procedures online.

      PymeSign: fewer procedures for SMEs and freelancers

      From Ivnosys, in our eagerness to offer disruptive solutions that, above all, facilitate the day-to-day work of our users, we have developed PymeSign. The only platform that allows you to manage all the procedures with the Public Administrations in a safe, simple and intuitive way.

      Since you must have a digital certificate to be able to carry out all your formalities, both you and your manager must have a tool that allows you to run your small business in an easy and safe way.

      Manage your procedures with a digital certificate and receive any mandatory notification from Public Administrations in a simple, agile and intuitive way with PymeSign.

      Thus, PymeSign is the tool that allows you to reduce time and paperwork in your day to day. Without the need for instalations or complex integrations, with PymeSign you can electronically sign all your documentation; moreover, it allows you to receive and sign any electronic notification from the Public Administrations.

      Bring digital transformation to your small business with the peace of mind of complying with the law. Avoid any administrative sanction and manage all your procedures in a simple way, from any device and, above all, with the security you need. Contact us and discover PymeSign for yourself!

      Take a look at this video and discover PymeSign in just 2 minutes:

      More info:

      Ivnosys Solutions is already a member of Alastria network, the national blockchain network that will enable us to work in a regulated environment and to offer blockchain services and products with legal effectiveness in the Spanish environment and in accordance with European regulations.

      Ivnosys, in its clear commitment to innovation and technology, couldn’t remain unaware of the huge possibilities offered by the blockchain, a highly secure technology that allows to store ordered data over time without the possibility of modification or revision.

      Blockchain is much more than talking about cryptocurrencies as the popular Bitcoin, it is considered the most disruptive technology from the Internet by the following features:  

      • Unalterable registry, guaranteed by cryptography.
      • Replicated and accessible registration to all participants, deleting the need for acknowledgements of receipt and conciliations.
      • Guarantee of security and privacy, allowing direct supervision and linking external information and ensuring its unalterability.

      Therefore, Ivnosys will be able to take advantage of the security properties of blockchain to enhace its products: impossibility of counterfeiting, inmutability, disintermediation, easy transference, transparency, ease of audit and non-overload related to the transaction procedure.

      Partnership with Alastria network, therefore, is a natural strategic move in our aim to search synergies and partnership agreements with different types of companies that can enhace digital assets such as electronic certificates, advanced cloud signatures and mandatory electronic notifications.

      Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys, stands out the importance of this adherence: “Belonging to Alastria network means going one step further in our business strategy. At Ivnosys we follow the evolution and applications of blockchain technology closely, and what it can bring us in terms of transparency, security and privacy”.


      IvSign’s new app, developed by Ivnosys, is now available for Android and iOS. (more…)

      Ivnosys Soluciones continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of Bdoc6, a leading company in document management, signature and electronic evidence.


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