Increasing the use of electronic notifications, this post explains what means this concept, his advantages and compulsion.

After the amendment of Law 11/2007, of June 22, on electronic access of citizens to Public Services, the right of citizens to interact electronically with Public Administrations is explained, as well as the obligation of PA to have the necessary systems for being exercised this right.

What’s about electronic notifications?

Electronic notifications or telematic notifications are a system by which any person or company can receive notices and documents sent by Public Administration electronically.

In order to access these electronic notifications, it is necessary to have a digital certificate that certifies the user, whose  meaning and uses were written on previous post.

Electronic notifications are a system by which any person or company can receive notices and documents, sent by Public Administration electronically.

In order to this type of electronic notifications have legal validity, there are some rules:

  • Sending or making available the notification.
  • Hours and dates of reception or access.
  • Reception of the entire content.
  • Identity of the recipient or sender.

To establish the moment when the user has been notified by the Public Administration, it will be the date and the hour of access to information and it is registered in the platform. And, if within 10 days the user doesn’t access it, it will be presumed rejected.

Advantages of electronic notifications 

More and more are increasing the users who use electronic notifications daily, due to their advantages:

  • For Public Administration, it supposes saving on courier expenses.
  • As for the citizen, it means saving time due to not being necessary to be present when the notification has delivered. Also, it avoids the loss of that.
  • And, if you are a company, the electronic notification system allows you to receive  all these notifications which occurs day to day electronically, avoiding misleading and possible economic sanctions.

Mandatory electronic notifications, who issues them?

The mandatory electronic notifications are issued by public bodies, among them:

  • Tax Agency: you can check notifications and communications, edictal publications, subscriptions and requests, among other procedures.
  • General Directorate of Traffic: perform procedures such as consulting vehicle reports and traffic sanctions.
  • Social Security: it permits the notifications management of administrative acts between the SS Agencies with companies and citizens.


To consult more information about electronic notifications, you can read our previous post about the control of electronic notifications and how IvNeos can help you with this task. If you have any doubt, contact to Ivnosys team.


Ivnosys is a Qualified Certification Authority with more than 15 years of experience in the development of technological solutions and application licensing, complying with the highest security standards.

IVNEOS is one of the products developed by Ivnosys. An application that automates the reception and management of mandatory electronic notifications issued by any public administration: DGT, Tax Agency, Social Security, City Councils, etc.

As a result of the article 14 of Law 39/2015, all companies have to work electronically with the Public Administrations, in order to carry out any procedure. Therefore, in order to avoid any economic and administrative sanction, IvNEOS is the solution.

IVNEOS: Management of electronic notifications

IVNEOS is a tool to receive electronic notifications from any organization, being able to manage everything from a single point, and allowing no notification to remain unread. In addition, it’s a bidirectional application, from which you can receive and reply to notifications and any document from the different public bodies through the REG, directly from the IVNEOS application. Likewise, you have the security of receiving real time notifications.

In addition, the approval last August of the Law 11/2018 continues to allow organisms to work from their own portals, without going through the General Access Point. What does it mean? That entities can continue to issue from their own headquarters, with companies having to review mailbox by mailbox all notifications, wasting time and running the risk of possible economic sanctions for any neglect.

IvNEOS allows companies not to be left with unread electronic notifications, thanks to its system of real time alerts and reply to any letter from the Public Administrations.

IvNEOS is more necessary than ever, it facilitates the day to day and enables us to comply with Law 39/2015, allowing us to: periodically control the electronic notifications that haven’t been read yet, manage the downloaded notifications, filter the notification by Administration, define permissions, filter the notifications, monitor the Single Edictal Board and answer notifications.

Ivnosys, aware of the proliferation of countless mailboxes and edictal boards, offers its customers a flat rate system with which they can integrate the connectors of all official organisms they want.

This tool also allows companies to present documentation in all official offices; to synchronize with a single click all mailboxes on all platforms; to have multiple users with configurable access profiles or download, at any time, their notifications; to manage status and documentation; and to achieve technical security, to access the mailbox directly with a digital certificate, without depending on email and avoiding problems such as spam.

And, given the latent need in large companies to delegate the management of electronic notification notices to third parties, who must have access to the holder’s digital certificate, it is necessary to use a tool such as IvSign, which is committed to the security, control and centralisation of digital certificates, allowing their delegation, auditing accesses and revoking authorisations at any time.

Valencian town Sagunt started to use the Interoperability platform between Public Administrations, Agente Sc.  This advance will improve the relations between citizens, companies and Public Administrations.


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