Ivnosys, official sponsor of IT Week 2018

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Friday 28, December 2018 Categoría: Event

Ivnosys had the pleasure of collaborating as an official sponsor of the IT Week, organized by COIICV in Valencia.

During the week of 23rd April, Ivnosys had the pleasure of collaborating as a official sponsor of the IT Week, organized by the COIICV (Official College of Informatics Engineers of the Valencian Community).

Throughout the week, there has been lots of conferences in which Ivnosys has been involved, being able to discuss and listen to the latest developments in the sector. The opportunities and challenges of smart cities and companies, the most innovative technological solutions in Public Administrations and the importance of educating and advocating for an ethical and social use of ITC are just some of the interesting debates that have been opened during the day.

“The aim of IvSign is to bet for the control and centralized use of the certificates, besides promoting the use of the electronic signature in the organizations” – Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys.

For his part, Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys, made two presentations during the TIC Week. He has highlighted the importance of promoting the reliable and centralized use of digital certificates, both in the private and public scene. In general, there is lack of control of the use of the certificates, leading to compromise the security in the daily work.

The main objective of IvSign, a platform developed by Ivnosys, in the face of these threats that can damage the performance of companies, is to promote the reliable, secure and centralized use of certificates.

In the following video, you can see the presentation made by Jaime Castelló: “IvSign: a step forward in the control of digital certificates”, in which you can see all the advantages of IvSign in the daily management of processes:


Likewise, during the celebration of the event, we had the opportunity to present IvSign to visitors. At the end of the day, part of the Ivnosys team also had the pleasure of attending the Gala Dinner held on the occasion of the Sapiens Awards ceremony at the Oceanogràfic’s underwater restaurant.


Ivnosys Solutions is already a member of Alastria network, the national blockchain network that will enable us to work in a regulated environment and to offer blockchain services and products with legal effectiveness in the Spanish environment and in accordance with European regulations.

Ivnosys, in its clear commitment to innovation and technology, couldn’t remain unaware of the huge possibilities offered by the blockchain, a highly secure technology that allows to store ordered data over time without the possibility of modification or revision.

Blockchain is much more than talking about cryptocurrencies as the popular Bitcoin, it is considered the most disruptive technology from the Internet by the following features:  

  • Unalterable registry, guaranteed by cryptography.
  • Replicated and accessible registration to all participants, deleting the need for acknowledgements of receipt and conciliations.
  • Guarantee of security and privacy, allowing direct supervision and linking external information and ensuring its unalterability.

Therefore, Ivnosys will be able to take advantage of the security properties of blockchain to enhace its products: impossibility of counterfeiting, inmutability, disintermediation, easy transference, transparency, ease of audit and non-overload related to the transaction procedure.

Partnership with Alastria network, therefore, is a natural strategic move in our aim to search synergies and partnership agreements with different types of companies that can enhace digital assets such as electronic certificates, advanced cloud signatures and mandatory electronic notifications.

Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys, stands out the importance of this adherence: “Belonging to Alastria network means going one step further in our business strategy. At Ivnosys we follow the evolution and applications of blockchain technology closely, and what it can bring us in terms of transparency, security and privacy”.


Ivnosys takes part in Microsoft Inspire 2017

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Friday 7, July 2017 Categoría: Event

Ivnosys will attend to the new edition of Microsoft Inspire, an annual event organized by the american multinational that brings […]

Ivnosys will attend to the new edition of Microsoft Inspire, an annual event organized by the american multinational that brings together Microsoft partners from around the world. (more…)

IvSign, the digital signature and key centralization platform developed by Ivnosys, has join forces with Microsoft Azure to introduced the PaaS model to companies that require all the benefits of cloud services.


Ivnosys Soluciones continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of Bdoc6, a leading company in document management, signature and electronic evidence.


Ivnosys adds an innovative add-in to your productivity software that centralizes all digital certificates in the cloud.Sign electronically to shield your documentation.


Valencian town Sagunt started to use the Interoperability platform between Public Administrations, Agente Sc.  This advance will improve the relations between citizens, companies and Public Administrations.


On Thursday March 3 Alicante will host the first edition of the Working Day App. The purpose of the event is to show various business management apps, developed by Spanish entrepreneurs.

The activities will take place in two sessions in different locations. In the morning (9:45 to 14:30) different apps will be shown in the hall of the municipal building Ferrisa Puerta (C / Jorge Juan 21 Alicante).  In the afternoon (17:00 to 19:00) there will be held a seminar called “Create a strong bond with your customers” in Coworking Ulab-Ideas (Plaza San Cristobal, 14. Alicante).


The next 14 and 15 of May, there will be a  Hispanic-Arab Bilateral Committee meeting in Riyadh . There will be involved a large multi-sectoral delegation of Spanish companies, mainly SME’s with potential interests in the country. IVNOSYS Solutions will be the only TIC consulting company attending to the meeting.


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