Ivnosys will continue growing with the support of Capzanine, which takes a minority participation in the group. Sergio Ruiz and Jaime Castelló, founders of Ivnosys, will continue leading the project in this new period of national consolidation and international expansion in Europe and LATAM.

Founded in Valencia, in 2011, Ivnosys is a company specialized in solutions on digital transformation. Among its main services there are tools for process digitalization or e-certificate management in the cloud, which not only generates economic profits to their users, but improves the security by generating evidence and promoting a sustainable professional environment.

The alliance between Capzanine and Ivnosys entails an important strategic step, which will strengthen the international business capacity. Ivnosys will be able to offer better client service, and more competitive and adapted products according to the company’s needs.

This union also means the professionalization of the company’s processes, laying a solid base on which to strengthen the team, improve investments and, ultimately, to be a recognized international company.

IvSign: e-certificate and digital signature

IvSign, the e-signature and e-certificate management platform, is the core product of Ivnosys, which is considerated Qualified Certification Authority, accredited by the Europe seal. IvSign appears due to the problem that hundreds of companies face every day in the use of e-certificates and e-signature: phising, duplicates without restrictions, legal risks … For that, this tool is indispensable so guarantees safety, usability and it integrates transparently in any company, without complications or technical restrictions. Thus, security in the use of e-certificate and e-signature is a reality, being able to manage in a centralized and controlled way the thousands of digital certificates that are used every day.

The alliance between Capzanine and Ivnosys entails an important strategic step, which is to strengthen the international business capacity.

IvNeos: e-notification PA

IvNeos, another of the most relevant products of Ivnosys, allows the centralization, reception and management of e-notifications issued by public authority, in only one mailbox. It allows not to remain any notification without reading and avoids economic sanctions. In addition, with IvNeos you can receive and answer notifications and any document from PA using REC. IvNEOS opts for company’s tranquility thanks to its system of real time notifications.

Ivnosys develops products based on the needs of their clients. And, the alliance with Capzanine entails a strategic step, improving the performance of products and client services. Whatmore, it allows to be a reference company in terms of security and digital processes.

In addition, the flexibility of Ivnosys solutions allows to have different clients, from large multinational companies quoted in the Ibex 35 to SMEs or freelancers. Apart from that, the company has a consolidated network of first-level partners through which it distributes its solutions.

Sergio Ruiz and Jaime Castelló said: “The Alliance with Capzanine entails strengthening our growth capacity and international expansion , which will allow us to access in a large base of clients. With that, it has happened a perfect symbiosis, because our common objective is to strenghthen our team and continue working on products that allow data security and transactions. Capzanine’s experience in new technologies sector makes it a great partner for Ivnosys. Enthusiasm, reinforcement and growth are the way to achieve the best results within our sector and, this alliance, will allow many other companies to adopt, without problems, the e-signature and digital processes, based on the transaction security.”

Capzanine is specialized in providing support to companies and management teams in their growth plans, adding her financial and industrial experience, and given flexible long-term financing. José Tomas Moliner, Manager on Capzanine Spain, said: “The management team of Ivnosys has been able to create technological products of high quality and usability, adapted to a digital environment in which the data security is essencial. There are strong expectations for growthing in the markets where Ivnosys works, reinforced by the establishment of a common European framework with eIDAs regulation. We are very eager about the project and we hope to contribute to the group expansion in the coming years”.

Ivnosys has been advised by Finenza Alternative Investment, an investement banking boutique that works in Europe and LATAM, and A. Rodríguez-Arias law office.

Ivnosys Solutions is already a member of Alastria network, the national blockchain network that will enable us to work in a regulated environment and to offer blockchain services and products with legal effectiveness in the Spanish environment and in accordance with European regulations.

Ivnosys, in its clear commitment to innovation and technology, couldn’t remain unaware of the huge possibilities offered by the blockchain, a highly secure technology that allows to store ordered data over time without the possibility of modification or revision.

Blockchain is much more than talking about cryptocurrencies as the popular Bitcoin, it is considered the most disruptive technology from the Internet by the following features:  

  • Unalterable registry, guaranteed by cryptography.
  • Replicated and accessible registration to all participants, deleting the need for acknowledgements of receipt and conciliations.
  • Guarantee of security and privacy, allowing direct supervision and linking external information and ensuring its unalterability.

Therefore, Ivnosys will be able to take advantage of the security properties of blockchain to enhace its products: impossibility of counterfeiting, inmutability, disintermediation, easy transference, transparency, ease of audit and non-overload related to the transaction procedure.

Partnership with Alastria network, therefore, is a natural strategic move in our aim to search synergies and partnership agreements with different types of companies that can enhace digital assets such as electronic certificates, advanced cloud signatures and mandatory electronic notifications.

Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys, stands out the importance of this adherence: “Belonging to Alastria network means going one step further in our business strategy. At Ivnosys we follow the evolution and applications of blockchain technology closely, and what it can bring us in terms of transparency, security and privacy”.


IvSign’s new app, developed by Ivnosys, is now available for Android and iOS. (more…)

IvSign, the digital signature and key centralization platform developed by Ivnosys, has join forces with Microsoft Azure to introduced the PaaS model to companies that require all the benefits of cloud services.


Ivnosys Soluciones continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of Bdoc6, a leading company in document management, signature and electronic evidence.


Ivnosys adds an innovative add-in to your productivity software that centralizes all digital certificates in the cloud.Sign electronically to shield your documentation.


Valencian town Sagunt started to use the Interoperability platform between Public Administrations, Agente Sc.  This advance will improve the relations between citizens, companies and Public Administrations.


The third additional provision of Law 20/2013 of  Unit Market Guarantee establishes the obligation to publish in the Platform for Public Sector Procurement any information regarding the bidding, awarding and formalization of contracts not considered minor.


In October 2015, the Law 39/2015 of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations was approved.