Ivnosys is the official sponsor of the Technological Event of Local Government organized by the City Council of Castellón.

During the day, we will have the pleasure of sharing with colleagues in the sector all the news that bring us closer to industrial evolution 4.0. Ivnosys will present, together with our commercial director, José Ramón Gramuntell, IvSign: the digital signature tool that revolutionizes the use of electronic certificates with centralization in the cloud; an agile and secure way to sign documents in any situation.

The event takes place in the Planetarium, located in the Grao de Castellón, where we will have catering and we will enjoy the different presentations that will take place throughout the morning.

Jornada Tecnológica Castellón

The Technological Event of Local Government begins at 9:00 AM with a welcome coffee, followed by presentations from leading companies in their respective sectors.

Ivnosys, in its commitment to the paperless philosophy and the guarantee of speeding up and securing the processes of digital signature of documents through electronic certificates, will show you all the advantages of using IvSign.

IvSign is the solution that allows you to evolve your company and manage all your procedures with the Public Administrations with total security and allowing you to save time and resources.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a day full of innovation, where you could see all the trends of the competitive technology sector!

You cand find out about IvSign an all the solutions we develop to evolve your business at www.ivnosys.com and on our social networks.

During the week of 23rd April, Ivnosys had the pleasure of collaborating as a official sponsor of the IT Week, organized by the COIICV (Official College of Informatics Engineers of the Valencian Community).

Throughout the week, there has been lots of conferences in which Ivnosys has been involved, being able to discuss and listen to the latest developments in the sector. The opportunities and challenges of smart cities and companies, the most innovative technological solutions in Public Administrations and the importance of educating and advocating for an ethical and social use of ITC are just some of the interesting debates that have been opened during the day.

“The aim of IvSign is to bet for the control and centralized use of the certificates, besides promoting the use of the electronic signature in the organizations” – Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys.

For his part, Jaime Castelló, General Manager of Ivnosys, made two presentations during the TIC Week. He has highlighted the importance of promoting the reliable and centralized use of digital certificates, both in the private and public scene. In general, there is lack of control of the use of the certificates, leading to compromise the security in the daily work.

The main objective of IvSign, a platform developed by Ivnosys, in the face of these threats that can damage the performance of companies, is to promote the reliable, secure and centralized use of certificates.

In the following video, you can see the presentation made by Jaime Castelló: “IvSign: a step forward in the control of digital certificates”, in which you can see all the advantages of IvSign in the daily management of processes:


Likewise, during the celebration of the event, we had the opportunity to present IvSign to visitors. At the end of the day, part of the Ivnosys team also had the pleasure of attending the Gala Dinner held on the occasion of the Sapiens Awards ceremony at the Oceanogràfic’s underwater restaurant.