The development of technology brings with it new needs. The increase of the adoption of digital certificates, both in companies and in public institutions, leads to a lack of control and security.

That way, the main objective of IVNOSYS Solutions is to bet on the development of tools and services that contribute to the unification and monitoring of all the digital certificates, betting on the reliability, security and efficiency of processes, thanks to the cloud storage of these documents. Thus, the information is obtained and managed in real time, having immediate access to the data, anytime and everywhere.

The main characteristics of the certificates centralization are:

  • Centralized management.

    The certificates centralization means that there’s no need to use or distribute smartcards, thanks to cloud storage and unification of all the relevant documentation.

  • Security.

    The certificates centralization avoids the fraudulent use of all our documents, thanks to the double encryption of private key protected by the HSM (Hardware Security Module). In addition, all the transactions are encrypted and the use of the certificate is restricted by the user’s PIN.

  • Simplification.

    The certificates centralization makes the management of the notifications possible for the user at any time, allowing cloud signatures, without Java and without external applications.

Our main objective is to provide reliability, security and efficiency to all digital certificates, unifying and monitoring them.

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