Paper reports and documents are left behind. To meet today’s telematic requirements, companies and freelancers must rely on certified digitalization of all their documents. This consists in obtaining digital copies of all the important documentation that is generated every day in the companies.

At IVNOSYS Solutions we develop disruptive products that reduce time and costs, thanks to the monitoring and automation of business documentation, in addition to ensuring regulatory compliance and security and privacy.

Likewise, certified digitalization brings peace of mind to users, as it is a matter of digitizing documents legally and validly and submit them to a public or private institution.

Certified digitalization not only facilitates and guarantees the centralization of certificates in a reliable and secure way, but also goes further, facilitating the processing of all your business information from a single point.

Among the advantages of certified digitalization we have:

  • Lower costs.

    Paper is a thing of the past. Apart from centralizing and perfoming document management from a single point, you will considerably reduce the time and resources required to complete the different transactions.

  • Maximizing performace.

    The certified digitalization opts for maximize performance by using the minimum possible resources. That way, the relevant documentation can the be consulted in real time, without extensive searches.

Our main objective is to provide reliability, security and efficiency to all digital certificates, unifying and monitoring them.

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