Los autónomos obligados a acogerse al sistema RED

Freelancers have to manage procedures telematically from 1st October

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Are you a freelancer? This is of your interest. As a result of the entry into force of Order ESS/214/2018 of 1st March, all freelancers will be obliged, as of 1st October, to adhere to the Social Security RED system.

Thus, if you are self-employed, there are few days left to register in this system. The RED system is a service offered by the Social Security Fund, both to companies and professionals, to exchange information and documentation electronically. In this way, you avoid having to carry out procedures in person and, as a result, you save lot of time.

Freelancers are obliged to be registered in the RED System

The publication of the Order ESS/214/2018 has aroused concern in all freelancers in Spain. And it’s that, all that freelancer that the 1st of October is not given of discharge in the RED System, will be sanctioned.

This is one of the many public measures that are being adopted with the aim of promoting the management of administrative procedures in a telematic way, given that there are many advantages that this entails: reduction of time, costs, agility of processes…

From 1st October, all freelancers will be obliged by law to join the Social Security RED System, following the entry intro force of the Order ESS/214/2018.

Therefore, the entry into force of the Order ESS/214/2018, obligues all freelancers to manage all procedures from electronic headquarters. And, being freelancer, how does it affect you? You must have a digital certificate to be able to carry out all these procedures online.

PymeSign: fewer procedures for SMEs and freelancers

From Ivnosys, in our eagerness to offer disruptive solutions that, above all, facilitate the day-to-day work of our users, we have developed PymeSign. The only platform that allows you to manage all the procedures with the Public Administrations in a safe, simple and intuitive way.

Since you must have a digital certificate to be able to carry out all your formalities, both you and your manager must have a tool that allows you to run your small business in an easy and safe way.

Manage your procedures with a digital certificate and receive any mandatory notification from Public Administrations in a simple, agile and intuitive way with PymeSign.

Thus, PymeSign is the tool that allows you to reduce time and paperwork in your day to day. Without the need for instalations or complex integrations, with PymeSign you can electronically sign all your documentation; moreover, it allows you to receive and sign any electronic notification from the Public Administrations.

Bring digital transformation to your small business with the peace of mind of complying with the law. Avoid any administrative sanction and manage all your procedures in a simple way, from any device and, above all, with the security you need. Contact us and discover PymeSign for yourself!

Take a look at this video and discover PymeSign in just 2 minutes:

More info: www.pymesign.es

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