Our all-in-one digital identity solution

We are a company specialized in the development of software to centralize, protect and manage the digital identity and electronic transactions of your company, with maximum legal guarantees.

Ivsign, Centralization of Digital Certificates

Use the digital certificate with full confidence and security

Work at any time and mobile device without limits.

Centralize the certificates, manage them, share them and control their use in real time. Speed up your work by having your certificate and digital signature in the cloud.




Digital signature IvCert

IvCert, firma digital

Sign your digital documents with complete confidence.

Close deals in just a few minutes.

Take advantage of the most secure types of electronic signature according to the eIDAS regulations. Sign and send contracts electronically and get them signed instantly.




Solutions guaranteed by the European eIDAS regulation

We comply with the maximum legal guarantees by acting as a Qualified and Trusted Third Party Service Provider.

Cultura Paperless

Our DNA:
Paperless culture

We are committed to paperless offices, with the aim of facilitating operations and reducing the use of paper, for environmental reasons and to encourage the digitalisation of processes.


centralised certificates

electronic signature transactions
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AAPP mailboxes

Types of electronic signature - Digital Onboarding

The most secure types of electronic signatures

Qualified centralized cloud signature

Signature with digital certificate in the cloud, suitable for electronic signature of documents or acknowledgement of receipt of notifications. It has the highest legal range, guaranteeing maximum security of signed documents.

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Certificate advanced e-signature

Signature method with the highest legal range, through which to accept the content of a document with full guarantees, ensuring the identity of the signatory and the integrity of the message.

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Advanced biometric signature

Digitized handwritten signature with biometric data collection (contact position, speed and pen pressure) in a specialized device. Provides certification of the message content and the signature.

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Advanced OTP (SMS) e-signature

Explicit acceptance of a communication and/or document with signature using a one-time PIN (OTP) sent by SMS to the mobile. Provides certified evidence of the documents content and message acceptance.

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Simple e-signature

Explicit acceptance of a communication with one or more conditions through an acceptance dialog box. Suitable for signing conditions of use and documents or approving them.

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Certified communication

Certified delivery of a message by email or SMS. In addition, you will have the option of downloading the document.

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Video identification

The video identification system allows the verification of the customer’s identity through facial recognition technology. During the process, biometric data is compared between the user’s real image and the ID photo, making the identification process more complete and secure.

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