Increase your productivity and efficiency in accounting with IBANify, the new financial tool for consultants.

This software allows you to account the bank statements of your customers in a flexible, centralized and completely safely way. IBANify codes all the information to keep it safely.

IBANify gives you:

    IBANify needs e-reading keys to read the financial information, but not operation keys. The consultants can access and download the financial information from the online banking, but is not possible to change any data. Our tool validates an unique digital certificate for each costumer, which verifies and codes the security data. In this way, the stored information keeps encrypted, so only authorized users have access to it.
    Our application downloads the online banking information of your costumers. All you need is the e-reading keys and you can account their financial information.
    Save time in the synchronization, download and accounting of your customers statements. Streamlines your daily accounting work, avoiding to access to all your customers online accounts, without exchanging paper or excel files.
    Our tool improves the accounting process and quantifies it, so you have a real time control of the task progress. You can know a lot of information, like the amount of extracts to account, the time spent, or the most commonly entities used by each of your employees.


Centralize and manage all your clients’ bank statements with agility and security in a single application.

Testimonials from users who are already enjoying the benefits of IBANify

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