IvBIO electronic signature business platform, which unlink your face-to-face signature processes from paper, withhandwritten biometric electronic signatures.

It facilitates the decentralized capture of multi-signatures for the same document.
It allows to capture signatures in a wide variety of devices depending on their technical and biometric training such as digitizing tablets and mobile devices with screen features that allow the collection of the signature and biometric data of the signature (including pressure: N-trig or Wacom technologies).
It records and stores with private encryption the biometric parameters of each of the signatures.
It includes traceability and versioning control of the document in the multiple signature process.

It offers the possitiblity of enriching the biometric signature with additional information such as geolocation, user, signatory information, as well as the possitiblity of including time stamping to each signature made.

    Increase in the efficiency and quality level lof the documentation signature processes. Direct savings on all operations that generate paper and its subsequent custody. Corporate innovation by using electronic documentation. Compliance with CSR objectives. Speed in transactions with total security.
    It complies with legal requirements for advanced signature processes. It ensures the confidentiality and unalterability of the information. Use of secure electronic document formats (PDF/A and XADES) that secure the ISO 32000. It includes signature expertise tools in case of litigation.

IvBio untied your face-to-face signature processes from paper with total security.

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