IvDoc is an ECM/BPM platform with secure document custody capability and complements for the mechanization of advanced business processes of signature and distribution of information.

Manage and centralize documentation coming from different media, for its storage, disposition and secure custody in electronic format.

Includes virtual safe documentation capabilities, with time-stamping, functions, to ensure the integrity of the documents held.

Established levels of confidentiality and secure access control to documentation, with historical audit of all accesses and dispositions.

It includes web interface for the exploitation of catalogued documentation, using metadata definitions established according to needs. It includes the establishment of rules for validating the information provided in metadata to ensure data quality.

It includes capabilities for capturing, cataloguing, storing and exploiting emails in original format with attachment custody.

It includes capabilities for the definition and execution of business processes (workflow), oriented to the management of business knowledge, facilitating the mechanization of procedures.

Perfect complement to the definition of advanced signature processes with IvCert.

    Efficient management and exploitation of business documentation in electronic format. Secure custody of electronic documentation. Mechanization of business processes. Control of access to corporate information, increased efficiency with the definition of procedures and increased data quality.
    Multidevice to gain in mobility (smartphone, table, pc). 100% web interface via browser. Cloud technology, no need to install app. Security and ahigh availability. Centralized audit of all processes. Integrable with any customer environment. Security through LDAP.
    Custody, exploitation and management of electronic business documents. Definition of processes and workflows. Advanced signatura processes.
    Administration and management module. Secure storage repositories for the custody of documentation. Workflow engines. Email management engines. Third-party application interfaces. User interface generator using web forms.

With IvDoc you will have full control over your documentation and data, being the most important assets of a company today.

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