IvNeos is an IVNOSYS Solutions’ application that allows to automatize, receive and manage the mandatory electronic notifications sent by public agencies such as the Tax Office, the General Traffic Directorate and Social Security.

This product improves productivity and competitiveness of big corporations by offering an innovative and safe service to its clients. This app avoids that thousands of companies have to check from time to time its electronic mailboxes on all the official platforms of notifications.

IvNEOS tool offers:

    Reception of electronic notifications from any organism in real time.
    Presentation of documentation at all official headquarters.
    One-click synchronization of mailboxes on all platforms.
    Bidirectional application, from which to receive and reply to notifications and to any document from the different public organisms.
    Access to the mailbox with a digital certificate, without relying on email and avoiding spam problems.

Do you want to know more about our tool
for automating, tracking and managing the
mandatory electronic notifications?

of notifications
of certificates
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