Ivsign and Azure join forces to offer digital signature in the cloud with Microsoft infrastructure

Ivsign and Azure join forces to offer digital signature in the cloud with Microsoft infrastructure

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Thursday 4, May 2017 Categoría: General

IvSign, the digital signature and key centralization platform developed by Ivnosys, has join forces with Microsoft Azure to introduced the PaaS model to companies that require all the benefits of cloud services.

IvSign is a product that allows the implantation and use of digital signature in organizations in a simple, secure, audited and transparent way. Digital signature certificates are not installed on electronic devices, solving incompatibility problems, or possible loss or theft.

In addition, with the free download of an add-in from the Office Store, this platform allows secure signing in Word from any electronic device: smartphones, tablets or even smart TVs, requiring double authentication for use.

The recent alliance with Azure takes IvSign to a new level thanks to the PaaS model because it makes available to companies the worldwide data center infrastructure that Microsoft can only offer and avoids the complications involved in the installation and maintenance of servers that meet the demanding security requirements.

Azure, endorsed by $ 15 billion investment, offers the most complete compliance coverage: 50 compliance offers. In addition, it has been recognized as the most reliable cloud for US government institutions, including FedRAMP’s senior authorization, which covers 18 Azure services.

Víctor Tortosa, Director of Operations at Ivnosys, believes that: “Azure allows us to transform a product like IvSign into a service thanks to its advanced cryptographic key storage systems; This, until now, was only available to large corporations through expensive specialized servers. If we add the guarantees offered by your safety certifications, the system meets all the requisite qualification requirements. ”

Ivnosys Soluciones, IvSign’s development company, has more than 15 years of experience in the design and construction of advanced products in Information and Communication Technologies, intelligently applying the cloud services model and providing digital transformation solutions for private companies and the Public Administration.

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