PymeSign Event in Bilbao

PymeSign lies open in the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Tuesday 8, January 2019 Categoría: Event

On October 1 came into force the Order ESS/214/2018, which obligues all SMEs and freelancers to join the RED system of Social Security.

Ivnosys, in its eagerness to improve productivity and streamline business processes for all groups, has developed PymeSign. A tool that allows you to manage all the administrative procedures in a telematic way, saving lot of costs and being much more productive in the day to day.

Next October 30th, don’t miss this event that will take place in the Chamber of Bilbao. Find out all the advantages of this exclusive tool for SMEs and freelancers.

PymeSign: fewer formalities for SMEs and freelancers

Now, if you are a freelance or SME, you have the opportunity to know PymeSign. A tool that gives you a definitive farewell to the use of paper, promoting the management of all procedures via telematics. In addition, thanks to the use of the highest security standards, PymeSign allows users to make their arrangements at any time and from anywhere. In addition, it does so with the security and ease you need, with the guarantee of complying with current regulations.

On October 30th, from 9:00h to 11:00h, PymeSign will be presented at the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce.  An event that will be revolve around digital segurity and process automation.

We detail you the program of the event:

Hour Speaker
8:45h Participants reception
9:00h Presentation Juan Carlos Landeta, General Secretary of the Bilbao Chamber
9:10h What is the RED System and what are its advantages? Fernando Ruiz, Provincial Director of the General Social Security Treasury
9:40h PymeSign: Secure and centralized management of your certificates Sergio Ruiz, Managing Director of
10:30h Question time
11:00h Coffee

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