IVNOSYS Solutions makes easier the process of digitalization of the companies and offers a web application through which signed documents are received and allows its validation in an immediate way by the manager.


Through the signature holder service, it’s possible to approve documents in an agile, effective and secure way, thanks to the creation of a workflow in the company. In addition, IVNOSYS Solutions’ signature holder service creates an electronic signature that is also compatible with mobile devices. Likewise, one the great advantages is the saving of time, thanks to the fact that a large number of documents can be signed with just one operation.

A service offered by Ivnosys Solutions that will allow you to manage the documents that have been sent for electronic signature, giving you the possibility to opt for a paperless culture, where the certificates centralization acquires great relevance. More and more companies prefer to have all the relevant documentation in a single point of access, allowing there to have a better control and global vision of the business.

In addition, the signature holder creates a much more efficient workflow, thanks to the fact that the manager has all the not yet signed documentation in one place, saving lot of time and receiving notifications in real time.

Our main objective is to provide reliability, security and efficiency to all digital certificates, unifying and monitoring them.

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