Jornada de presentación de PymeSign en Cámara de Sevilla

The Commerce Chamber of Seville presents PymeSign: the simplification of procedures for SMEs and freelances

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Friday 28, December 2018 Categoría: Event

The Commerce Chamber of Sevilla presented PymeSign yesterday, the new solution developed by, in collaboration with Ivnosys and Camerfirma. An integral tool for freelancers and SMEs, in order to promote compliance with Order ESS/214/2018. This regulation, applicable since March 2018, compels all freelancers and SMEs to join the RED system in the field of Social Security, having to carry out operations with this Administration telematically with a digital certificate.

With PymeSign, freelancers give way to digital transformation with full legal validity, faciliting day-to-day processes: agility, reliability, transparency, control, information, cost savings and, most importantly, doing so with full guarantees of complying with the law and avoiding red tape.

“We avoid unnecessary risks, given that criminal responsability for the use of data is of the employer and not of the person to whom the certificate has been assigned” – Sergio Ruiz, CEO of

Thanks to this tool, the user will have under control all the digital certificates of the company, due to its secure storage in the cloud and working from a single point of control. Likewise, no integration is necessary to start up PymeSign, so the digital certificate will be used in the same way and with the same applications as always, being able to access and sign documents from any device and being able, in turn, to see in a joint way all the e-notifications of the Administration.


During the event, the importance of incorporating this type of tool into companies was stressed. Carmen Castreño, Deputy Mayor of Seville City Council, highlighted her support to “make it easer for SMEs to incorporate into new technological platforms”, which are so important today to comply with the security standards required today.

Also, the President of the Chamber of Commerce stresses “the full willingness of the Commerce Chamber of Seville to facilitate access to SMEs and self-employed of all those platforms that make safer compliancer with administrative regulations”.

Thus, PymeSign, thanks to its security parameters, allows the user to audit and know in real time everything that is being done with your digital certificate, immediately detecting any fraudulent and inappropriate use of it.

Thank you very much to all attendees for your interest!

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