The safety of teleworking as a preventive measure to prevent coronavirus

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  • The Ministry of Labour recommends teleworking as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.
  • Spanish companies without the security that teleworking requires.
  • Innovation with tools that allow you to work from home without the organization losing control of the activity, risking your security or digital identity, or opting for employment pause measures.

Are Spanish companies prepared to telework safely? For example, why don’t we sign documents remotely? For clients, workers, suppliers, banks, insurance companies…

Thinking about teleworking is a great advantage in situations where there is a risk, such as the recent case of the coronavirus. There are numerous tools that make it possible without endangering the security of the organisation or causing employees to lose control of their activities.

But one thing is what technology allows us to do and another is what we actually do with it.

The coronavirus, the driving force behind teleworking

In Spain we have not been very proactive with this option. But in view of the rapid spread of the new virus, the Ministry of Labour has published a basic guide for companies and workers with recommendations for action in the event of possible cases of coronavirus. One of the measures that is being considered is the possibility of teleworking to avoid contagion among employees. And others such as the suspension of activity, which most companies cannot afford.

As a result of these recommendations, companies have been alarmed. Many companies are looking for tools that allow their employees to work from home in a safe and controlled way, and without having to stop the activity of the company.

Since the warning of the coronavirus and the cases of contagion, Ivnosys has noticed the growing demand from companies interested in our solutions that allow them to offer their employees the possibility of teleworking. Always promoting digital identity management with the peace of mind of controlling the processes and security of the organization”. – Jaime Castelló, CEO of Ivnosys

Telework is possible and effective and is more than proven in the European context. As Ivnosys has been doing since its inception. The option of being able to manage tasks from anywhere is one of the maxims that Ivnosys achieves with the idea of its products. Moreover, the company is the first one to carry it out with its own workers.

Solutions for teleworking

We must invest more in adapting our culture to the possibilities of the century in which we live. And this is Ivnosys’ main task. We have essential tools that are useful for teleworking, that encourage the management and securitization of the digital identity, in order to

  • Secure transactions.
  • Electronic signature and remote documentation.
  • Management of electronic notifications from Public Administrations in a single box.
  • Presentation of electronic writings…

For example, a company that has a digital certificate centralisation platform such as IvSign, will be able to centralise, manage and control the use made of them by employees. It will also be able to consult in real time the electronic evidence on who, when and where each employee accesses the certificate. In addition to the records of other procedures such as document signature and access to electronic sites by employees, which is another advantage.

It is essential to have the most secure types of electronic signature in accordance with eIDAS regulations in order to guarantee the legal validity and non-repudiation of electronic communications and transactions. Without doubt, this is an essential aspect for protecting the digital identity of organisations. – Sergio Ruiz, CEO of Ivnosys

Safety first, with or without a coronavirus

More in favour of technology, we should know that it is compulsory to manage the documentation with the Public Administrations electronically. Can you make it easier for us?

It is therefore important to secure electronic transactions by ensuring that communications are not repudiated, as Sergio Ruiz states. But how?

  • Encouraging the use of electronic signature of documents remotely. This allows agreements to be closed in less time by being able to send and receive signed documents instantly, thanks to IvCert.
  • With the management of the electronic notifications that companies receive from the public administrations. Thanks to the IvNeos notification manager you control in real time all the notifications from a single letterbox. You can download, answer and present documents from the platform itself. In addition, it offers the possibility of creating workflows where the people responsible for attending the notifications and the specific tasks of each person are indicated.

Thus, we say goodbye to the tedious task of having to go platform by platform, or site by site, either in person or digitally, to each Public Administration to see if we have any notification or not and to see which department we should redirect it to.

Telework as a means

In short, we must learn to make intelligent use of technology in the professional environment. There are many advantages in terms of digital security and electronic management, both with users inside and outside the organisation, which make teleworking possible.

From Ivnosys, we encourage you to try our digital solutions. We ensure the protection of digital identities and electronic transactions thanks to the centralization of digital certificates and more secure remote signature types. Always in favour of promoting the comfort, reliability and trust of users, through tools that make their lives easier, optimizing their time and protecting their electronic information.

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