The security of digital certificates

The security of the digital certificates of your company

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Wednesday 8, January 2020 Categoría: Digital Certificate

All companies have digital certificates since they are obliged by law to communicate with the Public Administration through electronic means. And, for this, the use of the digital certificate is required. Find out how to protect your company’s digital certificates from any cyber attack.

The security of the digital certificates

The use of certificates in companies is common. However, such massive use leads them to be scattered around employees’ equipment, with the security risks that this entails. For this reason, it is important to have tools that guarantee the digital security of the companies.

Digitization must be accompanied by tools such as IvSign that guarantee the security of the companies’ digital identity.

IvSign, herramienta de centralización y control de certificados digitales, pone fin al riesgo al que se enfrentan todas las compañías por el uso disperso y descontrolado de sus certificados digitales. Una plataforma que emite y centraliza los certificados en un único punto y controla, en tiempo real, el estado y uso que se hace de los mismos.

IvSign, a tool for the centralization and control of the security of the digital certificates, puts an end to the risk faced by all companies due to the dispersed and uncontrolled use of their digital certificates. A platform that issues and centralizes the certificates in a single point and controls, in real time, the status and use that is made of them.

IvSign: control your certificates

Certificates can be issued and revoked directly from the platform itself. In addition, the tool has an alert system that warns us when a certificate is about to expire.

IvSign allows us to work in the web environment protecting the data and transactions made in the companies.

The platform shields the certificates and electronic signature thanks to the cloud centralization, guaranteeing that the certificates are not copied or reproduced, and allowing them to be used on any mobile device.

The tool also includes an audit process. It details who, when and where accesses each digital certificate, having a complete traceability of use. Because in a big company there are many people who can have access to confidential information and who can operate with our digital certificates.

This is a necessary application for any relationship between companies or with the Public Administration, where a digital certificate is required. The problem lies in how that certificate is actually used. Thus, with IvSign we know what has been done with our certificate at all times. That gives us the peace of mind that no one will use the certificate for us.

To guarantee the security and as a quality seal of our solutions, Ivnosys is a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to eIDAS regulation and Certification Authority.

Request your free IvSign demo and work with the peace of mind and security you need.

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