The timestamping service is a method to prove that a data set existed before, in a certain period of time, and that none of that data has been modified since then.

IVNOSYS Solutions offers, through this timestamping service, an ideal complement to guarantee the security and validity of digital documents, assuring their plenty validity and not alteration and/or manipulation.

In short, the aim is to guarantee the veracity and existence of determined electronic data at a specific date, obtaining verification by a timestamping authority, complying with all the guarantees and promoting secure transactions.

The timestamping service developed by Ivnosys Solutions allows the issuance of time stamps of electronic documents. That way, when a Time Stamping Authority performs the electronic signature, we have the option of being able to demonstrate that the data provided has existed and has not been altered during that specific time.

Some of the reasons that make timestamping a great solution are:

  • Guarantees safety.
  • Improves the management and access to information.
  • Safe traceability.
  • Reliable and secure e-commerce transactions.

Our main objective is to provide reliability, security and efficiency to all digital certificates, unifying and monitoring them.

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