What is a digital certificate

What is a digital certificate?

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Nowadays, the main objective of companies is to automate and secure their processes. In this way, either to carry out procedures with the Public Administration or other users via electronic means, there are alternatives. What is a digital certificate?

What a digital certificate is for?

A digital certificate is the only way, with full legal validity, to guarantee the identity of a user in the web environment. It is a digital document that identifies us in the online environment and allows us to perform any procedure via telematics.

With the digital certificate we can carry out any operation through the website of public bodies, such as the Tax Office or the Social Security, for example. This electronic document allows us to modify our data, present taxes and even make the electronic signature.  Therefore, the digital certificate identifies us on the Internet, since it contains the identification data of each user and ensures our digital identity.

Some of the documentation you will be able to obtain electronically is:

  • Working life report.
  • Specific certificates from different public bodies..
  • Retirement simulations..
  • Check taxes.
  • Review and manage electronic notifications.
  • Consult fines.

And how can you get a digital certificate? Through any official certification authority, such as Camerfirma or the FNMT. Likewise, Ivnosys is a Certification Authority and has the power to issue digital certificates.

A digital certificate assures our digital identity and allows us to carry out any administrative procedure via telematics.

The digital certificate has multiple advantages. In addition to saving us a great deal of time and money, since we no longer have to carry out administrative procedures in person, it gives us more flexibility when working, carrying out these procedures at any time and in any place, without any obstacles.

How to obtain the digital certificate?

As mentioned, requesting a digital certificate today is very simple for any Spanish or foreign citizen, whether of legal age or an emancipated minor, who is in possession of a ID card.

Ivnosys is a Certification Authority and, as such, we have the power to issue certificates. The advantage of obtaining your digital certificate with us is that you don’t need to move to the offices of any organization. So, either from your office or from your home, you will have your certificate quickly and without unnecessary waiting times.

In addition, with Ivnosys you can keep your digital certificates in the cloud, in a centralized way, and without having to install external applications on your computer, saving problems and incompatibilities. An exclusive software that, besides centralizing the digital certificates, allows the delegation of the certificates to other users and with which you control at all times who and what has used the certificate.

If you want to have full control of your certificates and work with the peace of mind you need, Ivnosys is your trusted provider.

Request here your free demo of IvSign, certificate centralization platform.


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