What is the centralization of digital certificates

What is the centralization of digital certificates?

Escrito por: Patricia Nuño Fecha Friday 10, January 2020 Categoría: Digital Certificate

Every day we work with digital certificates to communicate electronically with third parties (customers, suppliers, public administration, etc.). This communication includes the sending of documents, access to electronic sites, presentation of written documents, signing of contracts, etc. But, do we work with the appropriate security? Next, we tell you: What is the centralization of certificates? How it helps your company in its digitalization process?

How to protect your digital certificates?

The digital certificate is an element used massively in the work places that allows to work in the environment web accrediting our person or acting in the name of the company. However, without the adequate security measures, third parties can access to confidential information without our knowledge.

The centralization of digital certificates means that all certificates are collected at a single point. In this way, we manage and control the use made by the different users of each digital certificate.

Therefore, the objective of the centralization of certificates is to avoid the lack of control originated when multiple certificates are used in a company, running the risk of information theft and even identity theft.

The centralization of certificates prevents the fraudulent use of our documentation and helps us to simplify our day-to-day work.

In this way, the centralization of certificates allows us to host the digital certificates in the cloud. In addition, we can manage and sign documents securely, without the need to install external applications and without compromising our security.

In addition, the bet of the companies for the digitization of processes makes necessary the use of the digital certificate, allowing us to work and communicate electronically with internal and external users of the company, even with the Public Administration.

Advantages of centralising certificates

    It is important to have tools that protect the digital identity of our organization. In this way, thanks to platforms such as IvSign we can centralize the certificates in a secure and controlled way. Below, we detail you some of its advantages:

    • Issuance of certificates. Issue your certificates immediately with a Certification Authority.
    •  Qualification. Use qualified certificates with full security as they are guarded by Ivnosys as a Qualified Trust Service Provider.
    • Cloud centralization. Digital certificates are securely stored in the cloud.
    • HSM security. The private key of the certificates is stored in a secure remote device (HSM).
    • Flexibility. You can work at any time and from any device (PC, tablet, mobile).
    • Electronic signature. Use the electronic signature using your digital certificate in a fast and secure way.
    • Delegation. Give up the use of your digital certificate in a controlled and audited way, establishing filters and restrictions.
    • Audit. Know in real time who, when and where is accessing with each certificate.
    • Role assignment. Certificates centralization allows you to define the use of a certificate based on a user, time and date, source IP or URL, for example.

    Don’t you have your certificates centralized yet? Request your free IvSign demo and work in your company with total security.

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